Hydration Bundle Duo


When you’re growing, birthing or nursing a baby, it’s vital to stay hydrated. But sometimes plain ol’ water just isn’t enough. 

During pregnancy, all day sickness can turn water into a belly boomerang. 

During labour, that full feeling can have you struggling to sip anything.

And when you’re breastfeeding, nothing seems to quench your mama thirst. 

Our Motherhood Hydration Powder is a healthy way to hydrate your hardworking body. With the delicious taste of blood orange and hydrating powers of coconut water, it’ll turn your drink bottle into your bestie. 

What makes our hydration powder the best on the mama market?

  • Developed by mums including a naturopath and a midwife.
  • Blood orange flavour that your tastebuds and tum will love.
  • Very low in calories.
  • No caffeine, gluten or artificial flavours.
  • Packed with plant-based ingredients for the ultimate absorption.
  • Less than 1g of natural sugar and 5mg of sodium per serve.

Don’t settle for those bright blue sports drinks or labour aids that claim to be healthy but are full of sugar and sodium. Quench your queasiness and boost your bosoms the natural way. With a drink that tastes great and leaves you feeling fresh, focused and fueled for motherhood.

Size: 150g | 50 servings per pouch. 

Directions for Use:

Add 3g (1 scoop) of powder to 250ml of water.
Stir or shake until completely dissolved and enjoy.

What’s in this magical mama powder?

- Coconut water powder filled with electrolytes to support rapid hydration plus B-vitamins.
 - Red seaweed high in iodine, iron and vitamins C, B-12 and K to aid absorption and boost protein.
 - Blood orange juice powder full of antioxidants to enhance health benefits and add a delicious flavour.
 - Cranberry powder to reduce oxidative stress and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections that are common during pregnancy.
 - Ground ginger to balance blood sugar and settle your tummy.
 - Thaumatin to add natural sweetness and improve adsorption with a plant-based protein.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Wonderful product

I am so sick of drinking water to stay hydrated, this product is just what I needed. The taste is great and I feel great after drinking it!


I have really enjoyed this drink it has really helped with my morning sickness.

Absolutely delicious!

I absolutely love the Motherhood Hydration Powder, so much so, that I have just placed my second order. It is delicious, easy to drink and hard to stop at just one glass. If you are thinking about purchasing I wouldn’t hesitate, jump in and place that order, you don’t regret it.

So helpful for breastmilk production!!

Love this powder! Taste is really nice and easy to mix.
I decided to try this as I’m super picky when it comes to sugar alternatives and I was worried I wasn’t hydrated enough. When I just drank water, it would go straight through me. This electrolyte powder is so yummy and I’ve found it has really helped increase my milk supply within fhe first 2 days of starting to drink it once per day. I was actually starting to think my breastmilk was starting to drop off as my baby was just on 6 months and starting solids and not needing as much milk. But this gave it a massive boost and for a few days I almost had an oversupply haha. I guess bubs was trying to stimulate more milk, but I was probably a bit dehydrated rather than bubs not needing it. Thanks so much for the amazing product, should have tried it sooner!!

Lifesaving stuff!

I’ve been a fan of this since I bought it but even more so now. Me and my little 4.5mo have covid and this stuff has saved me. We’re ok and on the mend but had a rough few days and I smashed through like 4/5 of these a day when I couldn’t eat much and my throat was on fire and drinking water seemed too hard. It helped so much when my little one just wanted to hang off my boobs 24-7 for comfort and hydration. It’s perfect for whatever is going on day to day.