Hi again lovelies!

I am doing a giveaway on Bumpnbub to firstly say a massive thank-you for creating such a lovely and sacred little community over the past few weeks and secondly to celebrate TWENTY THOUSAND FOLLOWERS (wow wow wow)!!! 

I 100% googled ‘how to say thank-you to followers’ and ‘how to do a giveaway’ so here is to hoping you guys feel the love!

 I approached four beautiful brands who I have been following on social media for some time that are all owned and run by women in Australia (AMEN TO WOMEN IN BUSINESS!) Each brand offers something totally different but they all believe in and promote something I strongly support and talk about a lot on Bumpnbub.

To enter in the giveaway,  follow the instructions on the giveaway post on bumpnbub, it’s super simple (link below).

So … let’s meet the brands!

Mega Postpartum Care Kit by Bumpbabyandco:

Two things I strongly believe in!

1.) Using natural products, because well … nature is kick ass at healing us.

2.) Self love and feeling your best, so you can be the best mother to your littlies. 

As a new mumma bear, self love may be very low on the to do list probably somewhere below sleeping and feeding yourself, I totally get that. However ... This little box of sunshine is made to heal and love you and it will do just that!

Check what is in the box in the image below! (is it bad I want to keep it!?)

Value: $159.95

Click on the image to head to their website!  

Hugabub Carriers:

Oh my am I in love … This beautiful company creates 100% organic wraps (HALLE- FREAKING- LUJAH) and they plant a tree for every sale- can we take a minute to appreciate how RAD this is!

When I approached this business I honestly didn’t even expect an answer, I mean it’s Hugabub, I drool over their products on a daily basis! They make the most beautiful, soft and darling wraps I have ever seen. I’m one of those midwives that tells women ‘forget everything you think you need. You need a wrap and some onesies and you are good to go’! There is some great evidence out there for the use of wraps and baby-wearing (I know I know …. I preach it all day everyday). Babes sleep better, eat better, feel safer, bond better, less sickness…. Oh I could go on). Not only are they amazing for you and babe, they are so freaking trendy!

These guys have been SO generous… not just one.. But two different types of wraps!

Click on the image to head to their website. 

Colour ring sling: Eucalyptus (left image) RRP: $99.00

The ring sling! 


Pocket wrap Carrier:

Click on the image to head to their website!  

Colour ring sling: Pistachio (not featured here) RRP: $99.00

Fertile Minds:

Breastfeeding … one of my favorite topics! This beautiful business shared with us this drop dead gorgeous (and helpful) breastfeeding pillow. Have you heard of the ‘Milkbar’? It is endorsed by the Australian Reflux Association and has helped a lot of Mumma's with fussy babes. Its higher at one end then the other to allow bub's head to be the right height at the breast- now that is something to talk about! It is so important for babe to be at that right angle (nipple to nose as the saying goes)!

Click on the image to head to their website!  

Colour: grey RRP $69.99

Forever 3

What is the first thing someone tells you when you have a baby?

‘They grow up so fast, the years fly past as you blink’, right? 

This beautiful little business run by a busy mama understands the beauty and important of documenting those special moments. Sleep deprivation and memory loss go hand in hand, so its nice to be able to document these precious moments with your little one! Imagine pulling this beauty out at your babe's 18th!

Another second little goodie... have you noticed lately that people don't just write a caption about their birth? They have these incredible birth announcement cards that are so gush worthy! We had to get in on that too. 

Click on the image to head to their website! 

Book RRP: $42.00

Card RRP: $10.00 

Good luck and I hope you enjoy these lovely little products. 

Winner will be selected at random! You will be notified by DM on Instagram if you are the lucky winner. This post is not sponsored.